If you have any questions regarding any of the City’s by-laws, please contact our By-law Enforcement Division at (905) 835-2900. The By-law Enforcement Division is located at the City of Port Colborne's Fire Hall - 3 Killaly Street West. Staff there will be able to help you with your by-law concerns.

See our 2020 By-Law Enforcement Fee Schedule.

Requested By-laws

Dog By-law 4930/155/06
Dog By-law Amendment 4948/4/07
Dog Fines
Cat By-law 4949/5/07
Encroachment By-law 6665/29/19
Exotic and Keeping of Animals
Exotic Animals By-law 4086/81/01
Exotic Animals By-law Amendment 4620/02/05
Dog & Pet Grooming

As of Dec. 26, 2020, dog and pet grooming services in Port Colborne is not available during the provincewide shutdown.

At this time, the Government of Ontario has permitted the following services essential only:

  • Veterinary Services: for services that are necessary for the immediate health and welfare of the animal, provided through curbside pick-up and drop-off of the animals
  • Other businesses that provide for the health and welfare of animals, including farms, boarding kennels, stables, animal shelters and research facilities
  • Businesses that provide pet training exclusively for service animals

Fence By-law 5510/107/10

Schedules A and B
Offences and Set Fines By-law 5510/107/10
Fireworks By-law 6613/68/18
Discharge of Firearms 2499/115/90
Maps Schedule “A” to “D”
Loitering By-law 4804/29/06
Loitering Schedule A
Loitering By-law Set Fines
Lot Maintenance
Lot Maintenance By-law 6574/29/18
Noise By-law 4588/119/04
Noise Fine
Open Air Burning
Opening Air Burning 6788/38/20

Parks By-law 5503/100/10 (1 of 2) 
Parks By-Law 5503/100/10 (2 of 2)
Parks Fines


Parking and Traffic By-law 89-2000
By-law Amendment to Parking & Traffic (Public Notice)

On-Street Parking Permits By-law 6117/83/14

Administrative Penalty By-law 6082/48/14

Fire Route By-law 5062/117/07

Municipal Parking Lots By-law 3475/56/97
Municipal Parking Lots By-law Set fines for 3475/56/97
Municipal Parking Lots By-law Amendment 4213/49/02
Municipal Parking Lots By-law Amendment 4706/88/05
Municipal Parking Lots By-law Amendment 4883/108/06

Parking for Persons with Disabilities By-law 4310/146/02
Parking for Persons with Disabilities By-law Amendment 4520/51/04
Parking for Persons with Disabilities By-law Amendment 4707/89/05
Parking for Persons with Disabilities By-law Amendment 4974/30/07
Parking for Persons with Disabilities By-law Amendment 5008/63/07
Parking for Persons with Disabilities By-law Amendment 5146/52/08
Parking for Persons with Disabilities Fines
Property Standards
Property Standards By-law 4299/135/02
Property Standards By-law Amendment 4478/9/04
Procedural By-law

Procedural By-law 6250/76/15
Procedural By-law Amendment 6767/17/20
Procedure By-law Amendment 6794/44/20

Public Nuisance
Public Nuisance By-law 5256/11/09
Public Nuisance Fines
Fees and Charges By-law 6741/105/19
Service Fees By-law Amendment 5732/163/11
Sewer Use
Sewer Use By-law 5228/134/08
Sewer Use Fines
Sewer By-law 3424/6/97
Sewer By-law Amendment 5625/56/11
Sewer By-law Amendment 6649/13/19
Election Sign By-law 4879/104/06
Sign By-law 4738/120/05
Sign By-law Amendment 4931/156/06
Site Alteration

Site Alteration By-law 5528/125/10

Site Alteration Permit Application 

Snow Removal
Snow and Ice Removal By-law 5383/137/09
Snow and Ice Removal Fines
Swimming Pools
Swimming Pool By-law 4843/68/06
Swimming Pool By-law Amendment 5038/93/07
Swimming Pool Fines
Tree By-law
Tree By-law 6175/01/15
Water By-law 3151/22/95
Water By-law Amendment 5626/57/11
Water Fines
Water By-law Amendment 5922/29/13
Water By-law Amendment 6648/12/19

Zoning By-law 6575/30/18

Zoning Fines