Recreational Fires (campfire)

Every person is permitted to conduct a campfire providing it meets the following criteria:

Minimum distance from buildings, property lines and combustible materials of not less than 3 m (10')

Minimum of 5 m (16.5') vertical clearance from the top of the fire pit to combustibles

Not be larger that 1 m (3') in diameter and a height of .6 m (2')

  • Shall be contained at all times
  • Shall be supervised by a person at least eighteen (18) years of age at all times
  • Shall be totally extinguished by 11 p.m.
  • Only clean seasoned wood can be burned (this excludes, painted, treated, stained wood)
  • Shall have means to extinguish the fire readily available
  • Wind direction and intensity shall be taken into consideration

Review the top 10 violations of a recreational fire (camp fire).

Non-Recreational Open Air Burning

Farmers wishing to burn fruit tree clippings and brush must follow the non-recreational open air burning guidelines.

  • The Fire Department must be notified and permission received prior to any open air burning (the Fire Department then notifies our dispatch center, to prevent unnecessary equipment response)
  • A site visit must take place by our Fire Department prior to permission being granted
  • Do not use any accelerant
  • Ensure overhead of the pile is clear
  • There must be a responsible person in attendance at all times during burning
  • There must be some means immediately available (i.e. water) to extinguish the fire if conditions change

Important Notice

Failure to adhere to any of the above noted guidelines or failure to receive approval for fires will result will result in a fee as set out in the City's Fee Schedule. For further clarification review By-law No. 6788/38/20 open air burning and recreational fires.

Fire Bans

The Fire Chief may declare a complete ban of any burning of any kind in the City.