A home fire escape plan is a map of your house that shows how to get out when there is smoke or fire. It is important to have one and know it well so that you and your family can escape in case of an emergency.

Once a fire has started, you may have only seconds to safely escape your home!

Identify all possible exits (doors and windows) and make sure they work.

Know two ways out of all areas, if possible.

Everyone must know what to do when the smoke alarm sounds

  • Assign someone to help those who need assistance.
  • Identify a safe meeting place outside the home, such as a tree, mailbox or neighbours house, where everyone can meet and be accounted for.
  • Call the Fire Department (911) from a neighbour's home or cell phone when you are safely outside. Never call from within the home.

Practice your home fire escape plan

  • Have everyone participate. Your parents, babysitter and any other visitors should know the escape plan. They should practice it with you.
  • Your home fire escape plan should identify who will assist small children and any other vulnerable occupants to safely get out of the home.
  • Please see our example of an effective Fire Escape Plan.