Dogs of Port Colborne

Posted by Corporate Communications on Thursday, April 30th, 2020

If there is a member of the household happy about the amount of time we are staying home, it is Port Colborne dogs! Like Elle (photographed), they are getting more walks than usual and exploring their community. However, more walks also means more opportunities for them to ‘do their business’ on public and private property.

A friendly reminder for all Port Colborne dog owners that, according to the Dog Control By-law, section 14 (a), dog owners/controllers, except for handicapped persons, are responsible for the removal of any feces left by their dog on public or private property and shall dispose of such feces in an acceptable sanitary manner. Failure to remove dog feces does come with a fine of $150+HST.

Here are four ways to dispose of pet waste:

1. Green bin it. If you receive our curbside green bin service, add pet waste to your green bin.

2. Flush it. Animal droppings can be scooped and flushed down the toilet.

3. Bury it in your backyard.

4. Double bag it and put it in the garbage.

The Niagara SPCA & Humane Society is the enforcement agency for the City of Port Colborne when dealing with animals. They are still patrolling as part of their duties. However, you can still register your complaints with the City of Port Colborne by-law division by emailing and they will forward your complaint.


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