Hydro One energizes a second high-voltage transmission line to enhance local reliability to the Port Colborne area

Posted by Hydro One on Thursday, July 9th, 2020

Note: photo taken at press conference on July 5, 2019.


Today, Hydro One announced the completion of the first stage of infrastructure upgrades to improve power reliability to the City of Port Colborne and the surrounding area. A second high-voltage transmission line has now been energized, providing an additional and alternate source of power to serve communities and customers in the area.

"We heard directly from residents and businesses that there was a need to improve reliability to Port Colborne. As a customer-focused organization, we had a responsibility to find a solution," said Imran Merali, Vice President, Customer Service, Hydro One. "By energizing an additional high-voltage power line, residents, businesses and communities now have peace of mind that an alternate source of power is available to serve their needs now and to support future growth in the area."

Last summer, Hydro One announced further plans to improve local reliability by investing approximately $30 million to advance the refurbishment of the Port Colborne Transmission Station from 2025 to 2022. Once in-service, the station refurbishment will increase the amount of available power to the Port Colborne area, improving long-term reliability and supporting economic growth.

"This collaboration with the City of Port Colborne and Canadian Niagara Power to upgrade aging infrastructure from the 1950s provides immediate and long-term benefits to customers in the area," said Merali.

"We would like to thank Hydro One for hearing not only the concerns of council but of our residents and businesses, and completing their work to provide safe and reliable power at a critical time for our community," said Mayor Bill Steele. "Partnerships are important to this administration and the recent collaborations between Hydro One, Canadian Niagara Power and the City of Port Colborne are proving to be in the best interests of our residents and businesses and will support our City’s economic recovery."

"By working alongside Hydro One, we are able to enhance local reliability resulting from the ongoing system improvements," said Barry Hogan, Regional Manager of CNPI. "Canadian Niagara Power has and will continue to invest into its Port Colborne service territory infrastructure."

This spring, Canadian Niagara Power and Hydro One conducted a planned outage required to energize the second transmission line and provide electricity redundancy to the region. With more residents at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the companies collaborated to complete upgrades ahead of schedule, ensuring system security and resiliency in the event of severe weather.

These investments are part of Hydro One’s plan to upgrade and replace aging infrastructure across the province to continue to serve Ontario customers’ energy needs now and in the future.


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