Open Air Burning and Recreational Fire By-law

Posted by Corporate Communications on Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

There is currently a burn ban in effect in rural areas only for large open fires, with the exception of recreational fires that are permitted under the new Open Air Burning and Recreational Fire By-law that was recently approved by Council.

Despite the heatwave, recreational fires are still permitted in the city, however, here are some reminders about how to burn responsibly:

1. Fire Size - the fire is to be no larger than 1m (3’) in diameter and .6m (2’) in height.

2. Combustibles - the fire must be at least 3m (10’) away from combustibles.

3. Vertical Clearance - 5m (16.5’) top of the fire pit to combustibles.

4. Containment - the fire must be contained at all times.

5. Permitted Hours - burning is permitted until 11 p.m.

6. Attended - the fire must be supervised by someone 18+

7. Burning Materials - only burn clean, dry firewood.

8. Extinguishing - only use water to extinguish your fire, not an extinguishing agent.

9. Nuisance - make sure smoke from your fire is not bothering your neighbours.

10. Wind Speed - be mindful of direction/intensity.

Questions? Call your Port Colborne Fire Department at 905-834-4512.


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