Task Force Members

Voting Members:

Neal Schoen, Chair

Dee Tilbrook, Vice Chair

Councillor Angie Desmarais

Councillor Yvon Doucet

Vacant - 2


Contact Information

CAO's Office 

66 Charlotte Street
Port Colborne, ON  L3K 3C8


905-835-2900 x. 306


Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Task Force is to assist and make recommendations to Council on matters relating to the improvement of enforcement, safety, security, health, property standards, and quality of life in the area of Port Colborne known as the East Village.


In order to fulfill its purpose, the Task Force will play a pivotal role in advising Council and other agencies on process and policy improvements that will fulfill the Task Force’s mandate of improving enforcement, safety, security, health, property standards, and quality of life in the East Village. In order to fulfill this advisory capacity the Task Force will garner input from staff, outside agencies, and the public to formulate recommendations to Council that will assist in implementing East Village neighbourhood improvements. In particular, the Task Force will be responsible for:

1)      Developing a vision for East Village Neighbourhood Improvements

2)      Identifying and prioritizing local issues

3)      Identifying means of securing public input

Task Force members will be responsible for the following tasks:

-        Championing the initiatives of the Task Force

-        Attending all Task Force meetings

-        Attending all Public Meetings, Open Houses, round tables or other types of community participation as identified by the Task Force

-        Reviewing all summaries of participation events

-        Reviewing all background reports

-        Reviewing Task Force progress and establishing priorities

-        Providing comments to the Chief Administrative Officer and City Council as may be required

 (Entire Terms of Reference)