Water meters

Water meters are an important component of Port Colborne's drinking water system. Every residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional customer is equipped with a water meter to track consumption.  This ensures that each individual customer is billed for only the water they consume.

There are more than 6,000 water meters within the city. Water meters are mechanical devices, which require maintenance and/or replacement every so often depending on their size.  Some industrial water meters need to be replaced yearly, where most residential water meters only need to be replaced around every 20 years.

Nearly all water meters were replaced in 2016; the approximate 500 that were not replaced were less than 5 years old. While a handful of analog meters remain in service, nearly all of the water meters in operation today are digital water meters that have the ability to store 95 days worth of hourly water usage data. City staff can download this data to help identify if abnormal water usage is occurring.

Where is my water meter and what are my responsibilities?

Water meters are typically located in the basement, along the front wall and near the floor, immediately after your water shut off valve. Other common places include basement washrooms, laundry rooms and furnace rooms. Properties with crawlspaces may have the meter in the crawlspace, in a cabinet on the main floor, or the meter may be in a special chamber at the property line, called a “meter pit”. If you aren't certain where your water meter is located, please contact the City and we'll do our best to help.

Water meters are owned by the City, however, property owners have a responsibility to protect the meter from damage (i.e. insulated to keep it from freezing) and must ensure the water meter remains accessible (i.e. do not build a wall over the meter, install fixtures that block the meter). Additionally, all water meters have been installed with a special tamper seal and tag. If you or your plumber have to cut the seal and tag in order to complete some plumbing work, please notify us immediately so that we can inspect and re-seal your water meter.

My water meter is leaking

Verify that the leak is coming from the actual meter, or where the meter connects to your plumbing, and not from the surrounding pipes and/or the water shut off valve. The City is not responsible for leaky pipes or water shut off valves. If one of these items is leaking, you may wish to contact a plumber.

If the meter itself is leaking, or it is leaking where the meter connects to your plumbing, contact the City at 905-835-2900 to make a service request, and our staff will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect/repair the meter. If during a service request, it is discovered that the meter is damaged, frozen or missing, property owners will be charged for the repair or replacement.

Reading your water meter

In order to read the digital water meters, the display first has be activated. This can require a bright light, like an LED light, (a cell phone light works well) and some patience. Please see either the Version 4 Meter info sheet or the R900i Meter info sheet for details on what the display is telling you. You can determine which meter you have from the picture on the sheet.

Please see our How to Read Your Water Meter information sheet on how to read your water meter and how you can use it to assist in diagnosing and finding leaks.