Streetlights provide illumination to roadways, parking lots, and walking areas at night to increase visibility and assist drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians in avoiding accidents. They help people find their way and they help alert drivers to potential hazards, including potholes, parked cars, cyclists, and pedestrians. Although they also provide a sense of security by lighting dark areas, this is not their primary purpose. It is recommended that anyone who wishes to enhance the security of their property should install private lights (ensuring that they are not aimed in such a way as to be a nuisance to neighbours).

The City of Port Colborne currently owns and operates over 2,100 streetlights. In 2014, the Street Light Retrofit program was initiated to replace all the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights in use at that time with new Light-Emitting Diode (LED) lights. This program was completed in 2016 and has significantly reduced the amount of energy being used to light the city's streets at night.

While the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and the Region of Niagara operate most of the traffic lights in Port Colborne, there are three locations that are operated by the City - Clarence Street & King Street, Clarence Street & Catharine Street, and Clarence Street & Elm Street.

There are also two pedestrian crossing locations with lights controlled by the City - Main Street East at Wellington Street and Clarence Street at Catharine Street.

If you notice that any of the City's street lights, traffic lights, or pedestrian crossing lights are not working correctly, please contact customer service or submit your request online.


It generally takes 5-10 business days for staff to verify an issue with a light after it's been reported. Once the issue is verified, a work order is created to have the City's contractor perform the repair. Most repairs are completed within 5-10 business days, but some more complicated issues may take longer to resolve.