Site Plan Control

What is Site Plan Control?

Site Plan Control is a form of development control provided to municipalities through the Ontario Planning Act.  No one can undertake any development which is subject to Site Plan Control unless the City has reviewed and approved specific plans.  Once the plans are approved, a site plan agreement is generally executed.  This agreement contractualy binds the owner to develop and maintain a site in accordance with the approved plans and the terms of this agreement.

Building permits are not generally issued until site plan control requirements are addressed.

What is the purpose of Site Plan Control?

The Site Plan Control process allows City Staff to review and approve the following:

  • Building siting and site design;
  • Building massing;
  • The relationship of the proposal to surrounding land uses;
  • Driveways, curbing and traffic direction signs;
  • Loading and parking facilitates,
  • Emergency vehicle routes;
  • All pedestrian accesses, such as walkways and ramps, and their proposed surfacing;
  • Landscaping for the site and for the protection of adjoining lands;
  • Refuse and other waste material storage and collection areas;
  • Grading and servicing;
  • Need for City and Regional road widenings; and
  • Exterior design of buildings, including character, scale and appearance

Site Plan Control ensures that City, Regional and other agency standards and requirements are met.

Do I Require Other Permits or Permission to Develop?

Depending on the location of the property that is intended to be developed, additional development permits and approvals may be required.  Please contact City Staff to determine what additional permits and approvals may be required prior to the issuance of a Building Permit.



Application for Site Plan Control Approval and for Amendment to an Existing Site Plan Agreement are available in the Planning and Development Department, Second (2nd) Floor, Port Colborne City Hall, or by clicking on the following links:

View and print the Handbook for Site Plan Control

View and print the Application for Site Plan Control


More Information

For more information regarding Site Plan Control or to make an application, please contact:

David Schulz
Ph.  905-835-2900 ext. 202
Fax. 905-835-2939   
Email the Planner