June is Recreation and Parks Month - Week 2

Posted by Corporate Communications on Monday, June 8th, 2020

For week one of Recreation and Parks Month, June 1-7, 2020, residents played ‘Name that Tree’. Parks staff planted four tree species in H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park this spring. Congratulations to our 'Name that Tree' winners: Brian and Sherry! They will be receiving a #PORTicipate Prize Pack.

Here are the correct answers:

When you're out for your next walk or bike ride in our parks, see if you can spot and name them!

Week 2: June 8 – 14
“Little Chefs Homemade Naan Pizzas"

Since we have been spending more time at home with our families, many of us have also been spending more time together in the kitchen! Although our City's recreation programs are currently on hold, our "Little Chefs of Roselawn" culinary cooking classes for children has inspired this week’s activity, which is a simple, family friendly recipe, everyone in the family can enjoy creating together!

Homemade naan bread pizzas are not only extremely quick, and simple to make, but they offer a variety of options for the final product, meaning, everyone can come up with their own creative twist! Aside from acquiring the naan bread, which can be found at our local grocery stores, most families will have ingredients in their home that can be used to make any recipe.

This week, we would like to share a classic Margherita style naan pizza, and a barbecue chicken-style naan pizza.


Margherita Naan Pizza

- Naan bread

- Tomato or pizza sauce

- Mozzarella (or any cheese of preference)

- Cherry tomatoes

- Fresh basil as garnish

Barbecue Chicken Naan Pizza

- Naan bread

- Barbecue sauce

- Mozzarella (or any cheese of preference)

- Chicken

- Barbecue or ranch sauce for garnish


1. Start with as many naan bread portions as you would like to make.

2. Apply just enough base sauce around the naan bread with a spoon so that the entire surface has a light coating of base sauce.

3. Place as much cheese as you would like over the top of the base sauce. The more cheese that is used, may mean more of a mess – be prepared!

4. Top cheese with any toppings of preference (vegetables, meats, herbs etc.)

5. Place naan bread pizzas on a baking sheet or pizza tray.

6. Put pizzas into a preheated, 400 degree Fahrenheit oven, and let bake for approximately ten minutes, or until cheese is lightly golden brown.

7. Once pizzas have been taken out of the oven, feel free to garnish with any fresh herbs or sauces.

8. Bon Appetite!!


Comment on our social media posts, or email blairholinaty@portcolborne.ca, with a photo of your Naan Pizza creations! All submissions will be entered into a draw to win a PORTicipate Prize Pack, which includes a $50 credit for when our “Little Chefs of Roselawn” program returns!



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