Arabellas annual pie social took a road trip

Posted by Corporate Communications on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

This year staff of the Port Colborne historical and marine museum took Arabella’s annual pie social to the doorstep of their volunteers. For the last 36 years, dedicated volunteers have baked a wide variety of pies to serve in Edwardian fashion during the annual event that marks the opening of Arabella’s Tea Room.

Due to the cancellation of this popular event, and being unable to open Arabella’s Tea Room on June 1 as planned, museum staff decided this would be the perfect year to recognize these dedicated volunteers by treating them to tea and pie. On Sunday, May 31, 2020, they winded the 1910 Edison Standard Model E cylinder phonograph, donated for event use by Ethel Kern, and set out around Port Colborne and beyond delivering an afternoon treat to the volunteers’ front door.

Click here to watch the video of the deliveries with Arabella Williams herself, also known as Stephanie Powell Baswick, museum director/curator:

Click here to learn how Arabella makes the perfect cup of tea and for her biscuit recipe:


“We worked with The Pie Guys on West Street to provide a small four inch apple pie for each volunteer. We coupled it with fine china and the most popular tea at the tearoom, orange pekoe. We also have to thank Wendy Barber who is a City of Port Colborne crossing guard who has been relocated to Arabella’s to assist in the cleaning and sanitizing of all the china in order to meet Public Health recommendations. She has been such a valuable asset with each cup and saucer given attention.” - Stephanie Powell Baswick, director/curator.

“We certainly miss all the activities that go on at Arabella’s Pie Social and History Fair and giving back to some of our wonderful volunteers is a way to keep the spirit of the annual event alive!” - Michelle Mason, assistant curator.

“I had a lot of fun planning the map and routes for the delivery. It was exciting to be able to spread some cheer on Sunday.” - Amanda Emery, administrative assistant.

“The City of Port Colborne has missed working with volunteers at events and facilities around the city. What the Museum staff are doing to bring the party to their tea room volunteers is amazing!” – Luke Rowe, event and volunteer coordinator.



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