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Posted by Corporate Communications on Thursday, April 9th, 2020

Effective April 7, 2020,due to the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), the City of Port Colborne Operations Division has revised its level of service and response with respect to sanitary sewer lateral clearing and coloured drinking water concerns.

Sanitary Sewer Lateral Clearing and CCTV Inspections

The City of Port Colborne’s Utilities staff will not enter private homes or businesses to complete CCTV inspections or sanitary sewer lateral clearing. Staff will complete CCTV inspections and sewer lateral clearing only if there is access to the sanitary sewer lateral from a clean-out located outside the home at the property line. If entry in to a dwelling is required to confirm the condition of the City-owned portion of the sanitary sewer lateral, the municipality will utilize contractor services to complete this task.

Coloured Water Concerns

The City of Port Colborne’s Utilities staff will not enter private homes or businesses to investigate coloured drinking water concerns. Staff will investigate the concern from outside the dwelling and confirm the colour and quality of water within the Port Colborne water distribution system by taking a water sample upstream and downstream from the location reporting the concern. Staff will provide the results of their investigation by phone or by verbally communicating with the person who reported the concern from the outside of the dwelling while remaining at least two metres (six feet) away.

Should the investigation reveal the water’s quality in the Port Colborne water distribution system meets the regulatory requirements outlined in Ontario Regulation 170/03 and the standard outlined in the municipality's Quality Management System, the coloured drinking water concern will be considered a private plumbing issue. Residents will be encouraged to flush their water service by locating a faucet closest to the dwelling’s water meter, removing the aerator from the faucet and turning on the cold-water tap for 5-15 minutes. This will flush and remove existing water in the dwelling’s private plumbing service and allow water from the Port Colborne water distribution system to enter the dwelling's private plumbing.

The Engineering & Operations building at 1 Killaly Street West remains closed to the public until further notice. If residents require a staff member they can call 905-835-2900, or, if it is an after-hours emergency, can call 905-835-5079.

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