Notice to our Port Colborne Customers - Planned Power Outage - April 10, 2020

Posted by CNPI on Monday, April 6th, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions re: planned power outage

On April 10, 2020, Hydro One will be completing work to improve reliability of the electricity system to the City of Port Colborne. This essential work will energize a second source of power to customers of Canadian Niagara Power Inc. ("CNPI") in Port Colborne.

To complete the work safely, a planned power outage will be required on Friday April 10, 2020. On Friday, the power supply to part of the City of Port Colborne will be disconnected and approximately 1,900 customers will be affected. The approximate location that will be without power for the duration of the outage is the area to the west of Holloway Bay Road, south of Netherby Road, east of Elizabeth Street, including a small section of Durham Street and north of Lake Erie. The outage will commence between 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. and is expected to last for six (6) hours. CNPI will notify affected customers via telephone message where possible.

This work is not only essential, but also it has been planned for some time. Prior to the onset of the current COVID-19 pandemic, CNPI and the City of Port Colborne were planning for this outage with Hydro One. "In July 2019, Hydro One announced it was working with Canadian Niagara Power Inc. to re-activate the second line coming into Port Colborne," said Mayor Steele, City of Port Colborne. "This planned outage is part of the work that needs to be done to bring improved services to Port Colborne. There is never a good time for a planned outage, but we hope that residents and businesses will understand that safety of the workers is paramount and there is no way to complete this work without this outage."

"CNPI continues to invest in its distribution system to improve reliability to Port Colborne customers. This project continues to be an essential infrastructure project for the safety and reliability of the transmission and distribution system. In order to minimize disruption to customers, we are planning to carry out the work during the morning hours to ensure that this project remains on schedule," said Barry Hogan, Regional Manager, Canadian Niagara Power Inc.

"We know that any power disruption - especially given the circumstances - has an impact on customers. The completion of this project is vital to improving power reliability for local businesses and residents," said Imran Merali, Vice President of Customer Service, Hydro One. "During this difficult time, we remain focused on protecting our employees who are doing essential work, while energizing life for families, communities and other essential services across Ontario."

As April 10, 2020 is Good Friday, being a statutory holiday, CNPI recognizes that most businesses will be closed and customers will be at home. Compared to a typical weekday, the reduced demand for electricity will help supply additional homes with power.

CNPI thanks customers for their patience and understanding as it works together with Hydro One and the City of Port Colborne to improve system reliability for its customers.


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