Niagara Region making temporary changes to waste collection due to COVID-19

Posted by Niagara Region on Saturday, March 21st, 2020

Niagara Region is making some temporary changes to waste collection, as a result of
COVID-19 and to assist in stopping the spread of infection.

Temporary curbside collection changes

Effective March 25, Waste Management will be suspending curbside collection of large household item/bulk goods for single family homes and apartments with six units or less until April 17 as a proactive measure and to redeploy collection staff to prioritize regular curbside collection of waste, recycling and organics.

All large items that are currently booked for collection between March 25 and April 17 will be cancelled, and those residents will be contacted about the cancellation.

During this temporary service change, residents are encouraged to hold on to their large household items until the service has resumed. For residents who need to dispose of their large item, they can be brought to a Niagara Region landfill site for disposal, free of charge. Please be prepared to provide your address to confirm your property is eligible for this service. Large items brought to Walker Environmental will still require a disposal fee. Large items can be rebooked for collection after April 17.

Further changes to curbside collection may be necessary as the situation evolves.

Precautions to assist waste collectors

Waste collection continues in Niagara Region, and waste collection crews are hard at work picking up curbside containers (Blue/Grey Boxes, Green Bins and garbage containers). Their efforts on behalf of the community are appreciated more than ever during this time. To help keep waste collectors safe, follow these waste disposal guidelines:

· Used tissues, and other organic material, must be placed in paper bags or certified compostable bags and tied before being placed in the Green Bin, so they don’t fall out

· All garbage must be placed in garbage bags and should not be loose in garbage containers

Placement at the curb

Residents are reminded that their materials must be placed at the curb no later than 7 a.m. on their regular collection day and no earlier than 5 p.m. the night before their collection day.

As residents limit trips to the grocery store and utilize mail delivery kits, please be advised that the insulation inside the cardboard box will need to be removed prior to placing it in the Grey Box for recycling.

Landfill and residential drop-off depots

At this time, the preferred methods of payment are debit and credit using the tap option to help minimize the spread of COVID-19. Residents may also experience longer delays at the site due to restrictions on the number of people allowed on the drop-off pad and the temporary suspension of curbside large item collection. If your visit to a drop-off depot can wait, we recommend postponing until a later date.

Niagara Region’s landfill sites are also placing restrictions on certain services. The following sites have made changes:

· Walker Environmental, 2800 Townline Rd., Thorold: Until further notice, residents are no longer able to drop off items at the Walker Residential Drop-off Depot for recycling. All items (except for scrap metal) will be placed in open containers to reduce risks associated with repeat contact with handling recycling containers for residents and staff.

Alternatively, these items are still being accepted in large open recycling containers for drop-off at Humberstone Landfill (Welland) and Bridge St. Drop-off Depot (Fort Erie) for recycling.

· Niagara Road 12, 7015 Concession Rd. 7, West Lincoln: As of March 18, the Grimsby Benevolent Fund Reusable Goods Depot at Niagara Road 12 will be closed. Do not bring reusable goods to the depot for donation; look for other donation bins in your community or bring the material to the Goodwill Reusable Goods Depot at Humberstone Landfill. Otherwise, this material will be landfilled.

Residents are urged to call ahead or visit the website before making the trip to drop off materials. Updates will be provided on the service closures and disruptions page.

Recycling / organic container replacement

Residents looking to purchase replacement Green Bin, Blue or Grey Boxes should be aware that due to a number of municipalities and businesses closing facilities, they should call ahead or check their municipal or retail outlet's website to see if they are open to distribute containers.

Residents are able to use their own rigid plastic container for recycling, but it should not exceed 91 cm (36") tall, 61 cm (24") in diameter and 22.7 kg (50 lbs) when full. As stated above, garbage should not be placed loose in garbage cans until further notice.

For the latest information on waste management services, follow Niagara Region’s social media feeds – Facebook and Twitter – or go to


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