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Posted by Niagara Regional Police Services on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

As a law enforcement organization, the Niagara Regional Police Service's role is to enforce and investigate criminal cannabis incidents and focus on the apprehension of those who produce, sell, import and use cannabis outside of the parameters of the legislation.

Cannabis will only be sold online by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) until such time as the private retail model is established. Until that time, the OCS will continue to be the only legal online seller of non-medical cannabis in Ontario.

Individuals who act outside of the laws under the federal Cannabis Act and provincial Cannabis Control Act, 2017, could face criminal charges. Criminal charges (penalties range from a fine to 14 years in custody) can be laid for activities outside the legal regime, such as:

- distribution of cannabis over the legal limit
- possession of cannabis over the legal limit for the purpose of distribution
- possession of cannabis for the purpose of selling unless authorized
- giving or selling cannabis to a person under 19
- cultivation of cannabis over the legal limit or outside a residence where the individual ordinarily resides
- altering cannabis using organic solvents
- possession of anything intended to be used for the purpose of producing or distributing cannabis
- using a young person to commit a cannabis offence
- import/export of cannabis without federal authorization

It should be noted that organized crime exists within Ontario and it has an effect on public safety and on the economy of the province through criminal ventures. The infiltration of organized crime into the legal marketplace and diversion of cannabis to illicit markets should be a concern for everyone.

Anyone with information regarding illegal cannabis dispensaries is asked to contact Niagara Regional Police Service Detective Constable Tara Ryan at (905) 688-4111 Option 4, Badge 9231 ( or Detective Constable Rick Weasner at (905) 688-4111 Option 4, Badge 9215 ( or via the use of CrimeStoppers should they wish to remain anonymous



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