Thank you to our Volunteers!

Posted by Michelle Cuthbert on Friday, September 14th, 2018

Our Volunteers are 'Sweet' and on Thursday, September 12, 2018 over 200 joined us for our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner so we could say THANK YOU for all they do in our community. Why is Port Colborne is such a great place? In the words of Mayor Maloney, "you can thank yourselves for creating a place that is near and dear to our hearts." From the Port Colborne Historical & Marine Museum to the Port Colborne Public Library, Roselawn Centre, Committees of Council, events like Canal Days, and so much more, we could not do it without our volunteers! Way to PORTicipate!

Some volunteer were also presented with their Years of Service Pins. They are:



·         Nancy Busch

·         Councillor Dave Elliot

·         Michael Hardy

·         Tammy Morden

·         Erno Rossi

·         Heather Yeager

·         Kaila Akershoek

·         Elysa Bafaro

·         Ryan Barton

·         Geoff Bowden

·         Jim Brown

·         Mary Anne Feagan

·         Mike Feagan

·         Debbie Lafontaine

·         Scott Mathieson

·         Cheryl McQuilken

·         Jane Thomas

·         Brianne Weasner

·         Evan Weaver

·         Grace Weaver

·         Tom Weaver

·         Lanny Weaver


·         Jesse Adams

·         Kayla Dutcher

·         Suzanne Dutcher

·         Eva Eriksson

·         Julia Gatt

·         Lyn Meyer

·         Elwin Moore

·         Linda Ursacki

·         Roxanne O’Malley

·         Ray Tanquay


·         Denise Archer

·         Ron Baer

·         Joan Brown

·         Joe Crawford

·         Bob Crossley

·         Pamela Koudjis

·         Dan O’Hara

·         Benoit Phillipe

·         Leah Roesch

·         Trevor Morden


·         Bell Burger

·         Brenda Irvine

·         Marilyn Williams

·         Debbie Wright

·         Carol Kitchen

·         Robert Arthur

·         Karen Arthur

·         Pat Bisci


·         Mary Hilli

·         Janette Toscher


·         Jackie Crawford

·         Jeanne Otis

·         Mieke Van Es

·         Ben Van Es


·         Claudia Brema

·         Sharon Leavere

·         Andy Mink

·         Siene Mink


·         Gary Hoyle

·         Bonnie Johnston

·         Mary Wills

·         Maria Papadimitriou

·         Muriel Madere


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Thank you to our Volunteers!
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