The Price is Right for Municipal Drinking Water

Posted by Michelle Cuthbert on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

The Price Is Right in the City of Port Colborne and the municipality’s distribution system that offers clean and safe water for its residents. To celebrate Clean Drinking Water Week, May 6 – 12, the City created a display in the lobby of City Hall to visually demonstrate the quantity of water received and the municipal rates associated.


Here are some ‘Did you know?’ facts that are in the display:

 - 1 cubic meter of water equals 220 gallons, or 1,000 litres of water.

- The display of 6 drums, located in the lobby of City Hall, is representative of 1 cubic meter (220 gallons or 1,000 litres).

- The cost for the consumption of 1 cubic meter of municipal water and wastewater consumption is $2.57 (before fixed charges).

- A typical 15 litre water cooler jug, purchased at a local retailer, ranges between $2.95 - $5.00

- A 1 litre re-usable water bottle can be re-filled 1,000 times, in Port Colborne, for $2.57. A typical case of 24/500 mL water bottles = 12 litres.

- It would take the purchase of over 83 of these cases, at an approximate cost of $165.17 (based on $1.99/case), to equal 1,000 litres or 1 cubic meter. 

- An average family of 4 uses 0.75 cubic meters a day, totally approximately 274 cubic meters per year. The total cost, with both consumption and fix cost combined, would be approximately $1,544.85 annually for those 274 cubic meters or 274,000 litres of water, or 18,265 of the 15 litre water cooler jugs (and the jugs would have cost you approximately $53,800).

- The City of Port Colborne’s drinking water comes from the Welland Canal.

- The Port Colborne Water Treatment Plant, the Barrick Road Water Tower, and the Fielden Avenue Reservoir are owned and operated by the Regional Municipality of Niagara. 

- The City purchases treated water from the Regional Municipality of Niagara and then distributes it to our residents, businesses and industries.

- There are 105 km of watermains in the City of Port Colborne’s Water Distribution System.

- Over 1,400 samples are collected annually from sample locations throughout the Distribution System.  Over 99.9% of the samples we take meet the Ontario Water Quality Standards.

- The City’s annual Drinking Water Quality Reports are available on the City’s website:

- Inspectors from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change conduct an annual inspection of our Distribution System whichconsistently receives a grade of 100%!

For more information about the City’s drinking water, visit our website at and click on the Water Quality link under the Popular Pages section.  Or contact the Engineering & Operations Centre at 905-835-5079.



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