Municipal Tax Reminder Notice

Posted by J. Lee on Friday, March 31st, 2017

Peter Senese / City of Port Colborne


City of Port Colborne

City of Port Colborne

Municipal Tax Reminder Notice

2017 Interim Tax Bill
Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Multi-Residential

Farmlands / Managed Forest

First Installment was due Wednesday March 1, 2017

Second Installment is due Monday May 1, 2017 


Bills were mailed out first week of February, 2017


A penalty of 1.25% is added on the amount of unpaid taxes on the day following the due date and interest of 1.25% on the first day of each month following the installment date.  Penalties and interest may not be waived.  Failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a taxpayer from the responsibility for payment of taxes, penalties and interest.

Peter M. Senese
Director of Community & Corporate Services



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Municipal Tax Reminder Notice
Peter Senese / City of Port Colborne
J. LeeFri Mar 31st, 2017