Mayor salutes Naval Centennial at museum

Plaques commemorate war-time histories of HMCS Humberstone
and HMCS Port Colborne

Exquisitely framed photo-histories of the
HMCS Humberstone and HMCS Port Colborne were presented to Stephanie Baswick Powell, museum curator, and Mayor Vance Badawey  by Lieutenant Falcone of Hamilton as part of the museum's commemoration of 100 years of the Royal Canadian Navy. The plaques are included in an exhibit at the museum to salute the Naval Centennial. HMCS Humberstone was a Corvette - Castle class - launched April 1944 in Glasgow, and decommissioned  Nov. 17, 1945. The HMCS Port Colborne was a Frigate - River Class - also launched  in April 1943, and decommissioned 10 days earlier in November 1945.

It was a distinct honour to welcome two men who served aboard HMCS Humberstone and HMCS Port Colborne, Donald McKay and Murray Sherwin, who were at the museum to be part of the naval presentation. In the photo below left, marking the milestone May 30, are Mayor Vance Badawey, museum curator Stephanie Baswick Powell, naval veterans Don McKay and Murray Sherwin, exhibit coordinator Lynn VanDillen, and Lt. Falcone. Don McKay and Murray Sherwin, below right, share a few moments to reminisce after the official ceremony at the museum.