Museum's Working Laker Trip Auction 2018

    Win an all Inclusive Trip for Two for One Week
    Aboard a Working Laker on the Great Lakes

    Donated by Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.

    Working Laker

    Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum is auctioning off two tickets for a week long trip on a working laker.  Destination and time to be determined by schedule.  Winner of auction must have a valid passport.


    FINAL Bid: $4820.00 CDN


    The Winner has been declared.   Congratulations Tammy Pulfer.

    Bids accepted in increments of $10.00 only.
    The current bid will be updated daily.
    Auction ends Sunday August 5, 2018 at 5:00 pm (EDT)


    Bidders with web browser mail clients (hotmail, gmail, yahoo) may not get the above link to work.

    Email your bid to: 
    With the Subject: LAKER TRIP AUCTION BID. 

    In the body of the message send your Name, Phone number, and Bid amount in Canadian dollars.


    Things to Remember!

    • This is a working vessel
    • Schedules may change with little to no notice
    • Departures will take place from a Canadian Port
    • The winner of the two tickets will be contacted by Lower Lakes with an opportunity to sail within a year of winning
    • Weather can be rough and cause delays
    • It can be a dirty environment, dress appropriately, including footwear
    • Must have a valid passport
    • 3 square meals are provided per day, bring your own snacks
    • When at a dock you can get off the ship but you must be back in time, check with the captain for estimated time of departure, they have a schedule to keep and can wait for no one

    Lower Lakes Towing Limited


    Special Thanks goes to Lower Lakes Towing Limited




    Accommodations Style

    Saginaw Passengers Quarters

     Saginaw Passenger Quarters

    Saginaw Laker