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 Saginaw Passenger Quarters

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Museum's Working Laker Trip Auction

Win an all Inclusive Trip for Two for One Week
Aboard a Working Laker on the Great Lakes

Donated by Lower Lakes Towing Ltd.

Working Laker

Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum is auctioning off two tickets for a week long trip on a working laker.  Destination and time to be determined by schedule.  Winner of auction must have a valid passport.

Winning Bid:  $6100.00
John J. Michael
Auction ended August 3 at 5:00 pm (EDT)


Bidders with web browser mail clients (hotmail, gmail, yahoo) may not get the above link to work.

Email your bid to: 
With the Subject: LAKER TRIP AUCTION BID. 

In the body of the message send your Name, Phone number, and Bid amount in dollars.


Things to Remember!

  • This is a working vessel
  • Schedules may change with little to no notice
  • Departures will take place from a Canadian Port
  • The winner of the two tickets will be contacted by Lower Lakes with an opportunity to sail within a year of winning
  • Weather can be rough and cause delays
  • It can be a dirty environment, dress appropriately, including footwear
  • Must have a valid passport
  • 3 square meals are provided per day, bring your own snacks
  • When at a dock you can get off the ship but you must be back in time, check with the captain for estimated time of departure, they have a schedule to keep and can wait for no one

Special Thanks goes to Lower Lakes Towing Limited Lower Lakes Towing Limited