Museum Publication List


Golden Age of Humberstone Village

A-Z Documentary History of Humberstone Village

Port Colborne: Tales from the Age of Sail

'Coming Home' - The 1901 Neff Steam Buggy

Humberstone Township - The First Fifty Years

Memoirs of Pat Macdonald

'Scruples of Conscience' The War of 1812 in the Sugarloaf Settlement

David Sherk & Descendants

Caspar Sherk & Descendants

Sherk-Troup House

The Locktender's House


Historical & Marine Museum Gift Shop

 The Port Colborne Historical & Marine Museum Gift Shop offers a wide variety of gifts for people of all ages. These Historical and Marine related gift ideas include model ships, model airplanes, t-shirts and hand-made crafts created by local artists. Our museum also offers numerous books focused on the history of Port Colborne.