Conservation Areas

Below is brief information on the two major conservation areas in and around Port Colborne. Both are important wetlands that are havens to migratory birds, and other forms of wildlife. Click on the name of each conservation area to visit their respective web-pages maintained by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Area.



3031 Elm Street

Mud Lake encompasses 160 acres of lakes, streams, wetlands, and woods. This is the per­fect spot for bird watching, hiking, cross-coun­try skiing, or viewing rowers from the South Niagara Rowing Club. It covers the flight path of many migratory birds. More than 60 species of birds and waterfowl have been identified at this location. Easy access to Mud Lake is avail­able from the Welland Canals Parkway Trail or by following Elm Street north. Located on Elm Street, north of Invertose Drive Contact NPCA: 905-788-3135, Coordinates: Latitude: 42.9295 Longitude: -79.2549



2025 Neff Road

This 202-acre site surrounds a series of wetlands, making it an ideal destination for bird watch­ing. There are also trails for hiking, and cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in the winter. Located on Neff Road, North of Hwy. 3 East. Contact NPCA: 905-788-3135, Coordinates: Latitude: 42.9196 Longitude: -79.1426



11420 Morgan’s Point Road, Wainfleet

Located along the Lake Erie shoreline, a sand dune complex and rock shoal outcrop provide natural shore protection for the land, as well as habitat for a wide variety of plants, deer, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Experience the dunes and the majestic ‘old growth’ Sugar Maple, Black Walnut and Hop Hornbeam trees as you walk the boardwalk and trails. Children’s playground on site. Contact NPCA: 905-788-3135, Coordinates: Latitude: 42.8592 Longitude: -79.3455



20369 Erie Peat Road, Wainfleet

The 1,980 acre Wainfleet Bog is the largest remaining peat bog in Southwestern Ontario. Trails and boardwalks wind you through this wet, wild and wonderful place. You will experience the history of this site, from the peat archives of plant pollen and debris dating back over 5,000 years, to a former peat extraction area and equipment remnants. Bog plants, butterflies, migrating songbirds and animals include the small remnant population of Massasauga Rattlesnakes as well as the rare Spotted Turtle.

Located at the end of Erie Peat Road, off Hwy. 3 in Wainfleet­ Contact NPCA: 905-788-3135, Coordinates: Latitude: 42.9097 Longitude: -79.2955



10600 Quarry Road, Wainfleet

The wetland attracts a large variety of butterflies and over 50 different species of birds including yellow warblers, great blue herons, egrets, gulls, terns, sandpipers and ducks. Abandoned quarries on the site contain an interesting array of coral fossils extending back 380 million years. Contact NPCA: 905-788-3135, Coordinates: Latitude: 42.8809 Longitude: -79.3052


Gordon Harry Conservation Trail
Named after Gord Harry, long-time conservationist, former Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority Chairman, Wainfleet Mayor and Wainfleet resident, this conservation trail extends east to west across the Township of Wainfleet along the former Grand Trunk Railway Corridor and running parallel to the Lake Erie shoreline.

Along the trail you will see picturesque views of wooded areas, open fields and quarry lakes. The trail’s proximity to a number of wildlife areas means it acts as a travel corridor for area wildlife and you are likely to see an abundance of birds and small mammals.

This 13 km trail has barrier free access with gated entries at each road crossing. The Gord Harry Trail connects directly to Wainfleet Wetlands Conservation Area, and passes near Long Beach, Morgan’s Point and Wainfleet Bog Conservation Areas.

Parking is available at the Station Road and Quarry Road entrances.