McKay Grade 1 checks out city hall

Grade 1 Students from McKay School toured city hall the morning of Friday, June 25. The children, and their teacher Ms A Bidoski and some parents helpers, posed for a "welcome to city hall" photo with Mayor Vance Badawey on the front steps.

The children were given a brief summary of the different activities on each of three floors of the municipal headquarters, and then it was straight to business on the tour, led by the mayor.

 Starting on the first floor, the Grade 1 students were impressed with drawings of the city's new Health & Wellness Centre. "Thank you for building new arenas and a new pool for us," the children told Mayor Badawey.



After touring the first floor, the finance department and corporate services, and the second floor, where planning and permits and pipes are tended, the Grade 1s made their way to  third floor, the location of the council chamber, and the mayor's office.

The children saw the flags of Canada, Ontario and Port Colborne, as well as his telephone and computer and the many many files of papers on a big desk. "You sure have a lot of work to do," a little girl said.