Heritage Village

Port Colborne Historical & Marine Museum (1861)Blacksmith Shop (1880)King St. view of Heritage Village Heritage Resource Centre (1995)

" More Than a Museum"


Williams House/Museum (1861) Carriage House (1870)

This Georgian Revival style home was built by John and Maria Judith Williams on property surveyed by Canal Founder, William Hamilton Merritt.  It was bequeathed to the City by their daughter Arabella in 1950.  The interior features local historical and marine artifacts.

Carriage House (1870)

Part of the original Williams estate, the Carriage House is of board and batten construction with hand hewn beams.  The interior features Arabella's horse-drawn Carriage and the brand new Neff Steam Buggy replica.


Wheelhouse (1946)

From the steam tug, Yvon Dupre Jr. Built by Marine Industries Ltd. of Sorel, Quebec and moved to the Museum grounds in 1975.

Anchor (1871)

Yvon Dupre Jr. (1946)

Raised from the wreck of the propeller ship Raleigh which sank near Port Colborne during a storm in 1911.  Weighing 5000 pounds, it was anchored on the Museum grounds in 1975.

Lifeboat (1949)

From the S.S. Hochelaga this 50 passenger lifeboat was brought to the Museum in 1991.


Log Schoolhouse (1835)Log Schoolhouse (1835)

Believed to be one of the first schoolhouses in Humberstone Township.  The original door is carved with the date 1835.  It was reconstructed on the Museum grounds in 1976.

Log House (1844)

Reconstructed on the Museum grounds in 1980, this log home was built in Humberstone Township by John and Sally Sherk.  Furnished to portray Pennsylvania - German Mennonite lifestyle of the 1850's.  A summer kitchen was added in 1983.


Blacksmith Shop (1880)                 1901 Neff Steam Buggy

Relocated from Port Colborne Quarries property to the Museum grounds in 1984 to represent F.W. Woods and Sons, an 1880's Blacksmith operation serving the canal trade.

Heritage Resource Centre (1995)

Built to house and preserve the Museum's artifacts of Port Colborne Heritage.  This is also the home of Benton Neff's 1901 Steam Buggy.