Museum and Heritage Village School Tours

Expand your classroom to the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum

This fall the Museum offers new programs for students from grade 1 to 8. The school programs consist of a mix of interactive presentations, discussions, demonstrations, hands-on activities, games and projects to take home. The themes of the programs range from pioneer life, marine heritage, early transportation and community, to winter celebration and tradition. Students will view the World with new eyes as they step back in time, visiting buildings dating from early 1800's including a log school house, a log house, a blacksmith shop, a carriage house and Arabella William's home.

A class room tour is a wonderful way to help students make real-world connections between education content and concrete examples. The programs run approximately 60 minutes and tie directly into the Ontario Education Curriculum, particularly the social studies aspect.

For more information call Abbey Stansfield 905-834-7604 or by email

Pioneer People

Where did the pioneers come from, why did they settle in North America, what were their daily routines?  Experience what it would be like to live in Canada 150 years ago, how early settlers adapted to the challenge of their new land. Students discover what pioneer life was like by exploring the Heritage Village and participating in hands- on activities related to the early settlement of Port Colborne.



Cost: $5.00 per student
Morning - May/June - Sept/Oct/Nov
Length of time: 60 minutes