Fact Sheets

    Entrepreneurship & Small Business

    If you are looking for the ideal location to start and grow your small business, Port Colborne has everything to help you reach your business goals. Port Colborne has a strong and supportive business community combined with a superb lifestyle that will give you everything you need without the expense, bustle and traffic of big city living. Read more here


    Port Colborne is a city with a thriving economy where residents enjoy an exceptional quality of life. Port Colborne is home to all the amenities to make your lifestyle comfortable such as a highly respected hospital, efficient community services, outstanding schools, churches, convenient shopping facilities, a variety of recreation opportunities and affordable homes. Read more here

    Advanced Manufacturing: Frabricated Metals & Machining

    Port Colborne’s strategic location, combined with a well-established manufacturing base and skilled labour force makes it a one-stop location metal fabrication and precision machining. Read more here

    Advanced Manufacturing: Bio-Food Industries

    Port Colborne’s bio-food cluster, Carbohydrate Valley, has an abundant agricultural supply, large volumes of clean water and a multimodal transportation network, placing business at a competitive advantage. Read more here

    Location & Infrastructure 

    Port Colborne offers businesses several transportation and logistics options to transport in raw materials and ship finished goods to market. Read more here

    Top Private Sector Employers

    Port Colborne’s largest private sector employers includes international companies and locally grown success stories.
    View the list here

    Tourism Investment 

    If you are looking to invest in an existing tourism based business or are starting a new one, Port Colborne has a lot to offer. The area offers a unique array of natural assets and attractions where visitors enjoy impressive scenery and a range of activities from festivals to boating.  Read more here

    Senior Government Services

    Port Colborne is a preferred location for senior government services. According to the 2006 Census, Statistics Canada, there were 1,465 jobs in Port Colborne that are in health care, social services, education and public administration. This is an indication of the area’s suitability as a location for government services and stands as a testimonial to both the quality of life of the area as well as other location advantages. Read more here