Demographics and Statistics

The City of Port Colborne's Economic Development, Tourism & Marketing department is committed to providing the most accurate and up-to-date information to clients for their decision-making needs. The tables below are a selection of the frequently requested statistics about Port Colborne.

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Statistics Canada: Port Colborne Census Profile, 2011 Census (note, not all data has yet been released)

Statistics Canada: Port Colborne Community Profile, 2006 Census (the most recent census with all data released) 



Population Demographics for Port Colborne and Niagara Region
Age Groups Port Colborne Niagara Region
0 to 9 years 1,620 42,475
10 to 19 years 2,055 52,780
20 to 29 years 1,850 50,400
30 to 39 years 1,860 47,025
40 to 49 years 2,555 62,395
50 to 59 years 3,030 65,635
60 to 69 years 2,480 52,990
70 to 79 years 1,660 33,705
80 years and over 1,305 23,950
Total 18,425 431,345
Data sourced from Statistics Canada; 2011 Census of Population


Percentage of Population by Place of Residence Five Years Ago
Place of Residence Percent
Lived at the same address 5 years ago 68%
Lived in Port Colborne 5 years ago; but changed address 17%
Lived in Ontario 5 years ago; but moved to Port Colborne 13%
Lived in a different province or territory 5 years ago 1%
Lived in a different country 5 years ago 1%
Data sourced from Statistics Canada; 2006 Census of Population   


Median Income per Person Aged 15 Years and Over
Median income $24,444
Median income after tax $22,452
Data sourced from Statistics Canada; 2006 Census of Population   


Percent of Population by Knowledge of English and French
Language Percent
English only 90%
French only 0.5%
English and French 9%
Neither English nor French 0.5%
Data sourced from Statistics Canada; 2006 Census of Population