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Come see why Port Colborne has become a well-known cycling destination in Niagara!


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Our community is ideally situated at the south-western corner of the Greater Niagara Circle Route, a multi-use, paved trail that travels 140 km around Niagara, linking Lake Erie with Lake Ontario, and the Welland Canal with the Niagara River. What is special about Port Colborne is the location of this cycling route as it passes through our community - in the heart of both Historic West Street and Old Humberstone. Within close reach of this trail are cultural attractions and numerous restaurants that cater to all tastes. This makes Port Colborne an excellent destination or waypoint when you rise on the Greater Niagara Circle Route.

When visiting Port Colborne, bring your bike, or rent one, and enjoy the dozens of kilometres of paved trails that link our community together and connect Port Colborne with other destinations in Niagara.


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Bicycle Repairs and Rentals

Buckner's Source for Sports
474 Main St. West
Port Colborne ON  L3K 3W1

Pedal... Bicycle Shop

56 Main St. West
Port Colborne ON  L3K 3T9



Cycling Trails and Routes

Discover the outdoors on Niagara’s South Coast by pedal or foot by exploring the numerous cycling and hiking trails.


Port Colborne offers easy access to fantastic paved multi-based trails surrounded by beautiful scenery. Great for walking, cycling, and skating. Two trails that are part of the Greater Niagara Circle Route intersect in Port Colborne. To the west of Port Colborne, in Wainfleet, there is access to a spur of the The Great Trail, which is a loose-surface trail ideal for hiking, and trail riding.


The Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre website has information on bike routes & trips, planning your adventure, and resources for cyclists (bike repairs, parking, public washrooms and visitor information).  Connect to the community, visit




Cycling on Niagara’s South Coast is on a roll. With classic biking fun on the Greater Niagara Circle Route, this great trail system can be whatever you need it to be.


The Greater Niagara Circle Route is a paved, multi-use trail that connects Port Colborne, Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake, St. Catharines, Thorold, and Welland in a 140-kilometre circuit. The route consists of several different trails. The Port Colborne section includes the Welland Canals Parkway Trail, which runs on a north/south axis from Welland, and the Friendship Trail, which runs on an east/west axis from Fort Erie, both of which meet at Seaway Park. A spur of the trail runs along the Port Promenade, parallel to Historic West Street, and terminates at scenic H.H. Knoll Lakeview Park. For more information, maps and routes, visit


THE FRIENDSHIP TRAIL (see emoji on separate page)

This 24-kilometre scenic pathway is paved and safe for cycling and ideal for walking, jog­ging, and rollerblading. The trail begins at Port Colborne Seaway Park and ends at Historic Fort Erie where it meets up with the Niagara Parks Commission Recreation Trail. All along its length, this trail coincides with The Great Trail. For more information, maps and routes, visit



THE WELLAND CANALS PARKWAY TRAIL (see emoji on separate page)

This trail follows the canal along its west bank from St. Catharines through Thorold, Welland, and Port Colborne. In Thorold, the path crosses to the “Thorold Island” created between the old third canal and the current fourth canal. In Welland, it follows the old third canal through the city and is paved on both sides of the canal. The trail zig-zags across the canal in Port Colborne until it meets the Friendship Trail at Seaway Park. For more information, maps, and routes, visit


GORD HARRY CONSERVATION TRAIL (see emoji on separate page)

This section of The Great Trail runs 13 kilometres from the western boundary of Port Colborne, across the south of Wainfleet to Hal­dimand County, parallel to the Lake Erie shore. This unpaved trail connects several conservation areas in Wainfleet, and is an excellent location for bird watching and spotting wildlife. Ideal for biking and hiking, the Gord Harry Conservation Trail appeals to nature lovers of all ages. For more information, maps and routes, visit


The Lake Erie section of the waterfront trail was launched in the summer of 2013. This section of the trail extends more than 600 km from the Windsor area in south-western Ontario to Port Colborne and Fort Erie. Here it connects to the Lake Ontario section of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail via the Welland Canals Trail and the Niagara River Recreation Trail. The Lake Erie section passes through 27 communities and offers beautiful views and recreational opportunities along Lake Erie. This fully marked route with easy to follow signage consists of mainly on-road routes and connects with many area cycling trails including the Greater Niagara Circle Route and The Seaway Trail in the United States.


More information & detailed cycling maps can be picked up at the Port Colborne Visitor Information Centre at 76 Main Street West


Trail Etiquette

  • Obey all trail signs
  • Stay on the trail, leave only footprints… and as few of these as possible
  • The universal rule of trail courtesy is for all trail users to pass to the left
  • Take nothing but photographs
  • Carry out everything that you carry in, including wrappers, tissues, soda cans, water bottles, cigarette butts, etc.


View the Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre website or Centre Cyclo Tourisme Niagara

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