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Our community is ideally situated at the south-western corner of the Greater Niagara Circle Route, a multi-use, paved trail that travels 140 km around Niagara, linking Lake Erie with Lake Ontario, and the Welland Canal with the Niagara River. What is special about Port Colborne is the location of this cycling route as it passes through our community - in the heart of both Historic West Street and Old Humberstone. Within close reach of this trail are cultural attractions and numerous restaurants that cater to all tastes. This makes Port Colborne an excellent destination or waypoint when you rise on the Greater Niagara Circle Route.

When visiting Port Colborne, bring your bike, or rent one, and enjoy the dozens of kilometres of paved trails that link our community together and connect Port Colborne with other destinations in Niagara.


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Bicycle Repairs and Rentals

Buckner's Source for Sports
474 Main St. West
Port Colborne ON  L3K 3W1

Pedal... Bicycle Shop

56 Main St. West
Port Colborne ON  L3K 3T9


Cycle-Logical Rentals
Lock 8 Gateway Park Lighthouse
54 Main St West
Port Colborne, Ontario, L3K 3T9


Cycling Trails and Routes

Friendship Trail
This paved trail begins at Seaway Park and extends 24 km to Historic Fort Erie where it meets the Niagara River Recreation Trail. This relaxing and picturesque route takes trail users through lush farmland, quaint villages, pristine watersheds and quiet residential areas. The trail can be accessed by parking in downtown Port Colborne and crossing the lift-bridge to Seaway Park. From there, proceed east along the marked pathway. Limited parking is available at Seaway Park.

Welland Canals Trail
Beginning at HH Knoll Lakeview Park, this paved 42 km trail zig-zags across the canal heading through Welland to St. Catharines and Lake Ontario. The path follows the old fourth canal through Welland leading to the "Thorold Island". From Thorold, the trail follows the canal along the west bank to St. Catharines. The trail can be accessed by parking at HH Knoll Lakeview Park and proceeding east on the marked pathway.

Welland Canals East Side Trail
This segment of the Welland Canals Trail follows a canal servicing road on the east side of the Welland Canal. It accommodates mountain bikers in parallel but divided packed-granular trails. Beginning at Ramey's Bend (Second Concession Rd.), this trail is 20 km long, ending along the canal edge at Regional Road 20 in Allanburg. In Port Colborne, it can be accessed by parking at Lock 8 Gateway Park, crossing the canal, and following Barber Dr. north to the trailhead.

Gordon Harry Conservation Trail
This section of the Trans Canada Trail runs 13 km from the western boundary of Port Colborne across the south of Wainfleet to Haldimand County. This unpaved trail connects several conservation areas in Wainfleet and is an excellent location for mountain biking. The trail can be accessed from Cement Rd. and proceeding west along the pathway from its access point.

Scenic Bicycle Routes in Niagara
This on-line tool provides a selection of scenic routes throughout Niagara, including several that start in, or pass through, Port Colborne. These routes have been designed to appeal to a variety of skill levels and take cyclists through some of the more scenic areas of Niagara. The routes make use of Niagara's extensive trail system. Maps, itineraries, and directions are all provided.

View the Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre website or Centre Cyclo Tourisme Niagara

View the Scenic Bicycle Routes in Niagara.