Committee Members

Members of the Seniors Citizens Advisory Council:


Susan Brown
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Vice Chair

Maggie Wahl-Horne
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Richard Moore
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Valerie King
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Judy Wade
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Donna Abbott
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Audrey Garrett
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Phyllis Brown
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Kathy Kent
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Staff Liaison


905-835-2900 ext. 532

Councillor Angie Desmarais

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Senior Citizens Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Port Colborne Senior Citizens Advisory Council (SCAC) is to:

1.    Advise City Council with respect to issues which have or will have an impact on Port Colborne's seniors; and

2.    Advise City Council with respect to ways in which Port Colborne can become a more age-friendly community for persons of all ages and ability levels; and

3.    Identify and advise City Council with respect to opportunities to establish policies, services and structures that support and enable seniors to live in security, enjoy good health and continue to participate fully in society.


To learn more about the Senior Citizens Advisory Council's support for Niagara Age-Friendly,

please visit the Niagara Age-Friendly Initiative


Committee Meetings

The Seniors Advisory Council meets the 3rd Thursday of every month at City Hall
at 10:00 a.m.

Subject to change without advanced notice.