Committee Members

    Mayor John Maloney

    Administrative Assistant, Community Services
    905-835-2901 ext.532

    Gina Murdoch, Event Coordinator
    905-835-2901 ext.534
    Email Gina

    Michelle Cuthbert, Marketing, Community Relations & Communications Coordinator
    905-835-2901 ext.540
    Email Michelle

    Stephen Corr, Manager of Revenue & Taxation
    905-835-2900 ext.101
    Email Stephen

    Michelle Mason, Assistant Curator, Museum
    Email Michelle

    Stephanie Baswick, Museum Director
    Email Stephanie

    Erin Pace, Car Show
    Email Erin

    Donna Taylor, Kite Show
    Email Donna

    Susan Brown, Optimist Craft Show
    Email Susan

    Chris Larocque, Boat Parade of Lights
    Email Chris

    Sharon Schilz, Port Colborne YMCA
    Email Sharon

    Erno Rossi, Lighthouse

    Claudia Brema, Community Representative

    Betty Konc, Community Representative

    Councillor Angie Desmarais
    Email Councillor Desmarais

    Councillor Dave Elliott
    Email Councillor Elliott

    Councillor Ron Bodner
    Email Councillor Bodner


    Canal Days Committee

    The Canal Days Committee is intended to direct the development and expansion of the Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival, with particular attention to:


    (a) Promoting the history of the Welland Canal and its contribution to the City of Port Colborne

    (b) Promoting the City of Port Colborne and the Region of Niagara

    (c) Contributing positively to civic pride and the quality of life in the community

    (d) Contributing positively to the community economic development and business development (particularly the local tourism industry)

    (e) Raising awareness of festival attractions and activities within the local community

    (f) Organizing festival attractions and activities

    (g) Mobilizing community/regional resources and partnerships



    Committee Meetings

    The Canal Days Advisory Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at City Hall at 6:30 p.m.

    Subject to change without advanced notice.


    Let Us Know

    We're interested to know your thoughts, concerns or ideas for the Canal Days Marine Heritage Festival and Sanctioned Events.

    Click here to email Port Colborne Community Services!