Carbohydrate Valley

Carbohydrate ValleyCarbohydrate Valley is quickly becoming the site for leaders in Canada's bio-based economy. Located in Port Colborne, Ontario, Carbohydrate Valley offers low cost water transportation, accessibility to large volumes of clean water, and a growing mix of companies in the bio-business. Many of these bio-businesses are using carbohydrate-based products such as corn for feedstock.

Other key features adding to the attractiveness of Carbohydrate Valley include access to North American markets. $2.5 trillion of the continent's consumer income can be reached within hours of Port Colborne. Carbohydrate Valley is a prime location for international companies, allowing them to reach North American consumers more directly.

As the only location in Canada with local access to glucose and citric acid, Carbohydrate Valley offers several unique opportunities for new bio-food investment. A serviced, 24.7 acre land parcel just north of the Ingredion-Jungbunzlauer cluster is currently available. 

Learn more about available industrial land in Carbohydrate Valley.

View the Carbohydrate Valley brochure for additional information on this unique bio-food cluster.


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