Ship Watching

Boat Watching

Boat watching at the Welland Canal continues to be a major tourist attraction in Port Colborne. Each year thousands of tourists flock to Port Colborne to witness the exhilarating sight of an international "Saltie" or "Laker" as it slips through the Welland Canal. As well, there is the occasional transit of Canadian & American Navy or Coast Guard vessels through the canal, attracting large crowds.

One of the best ship watching locations in Port Colborne is at Lock 8 Gateway Park that provides a beautiful landscaped viewing stand and fountain. Picnic facilities as well as rest rooms are also on-site. The Visitor Information Centre is located across Mellanby Avenue from the park, and provides tourists with up to date seasonal ship transit information.

Further south towards Bridge 21 and Historic West Street, it is not uncommon to find historic wooden tall ships quietly moored along the canal wall as they wait for clearance to transit the canal. This shopping district offers visitors park benches to sit on and plenty of shops to stop for ice cream or lunch. Look across the canal, out towards Lake Erie to see the ship-breaking yards, where old ships are dismantled and the scrap materials recycled.

For more information on the Welland Canal please check out The Welland Canal website.