Firelanes Ownership and Maintenance

The City of Port Colborne has undertaken title searches on all designated firelanes within their Municipal boundary, as a result of an enquiry to the City regarding ownership of a firelane. In consultation with the City Solicitor on the matter and on completion of title searches of the properties, the ownership by the City of six designated firelanes has been confirmed as follows:

#4 known as Beverly Road    Plan 818
#7 known as Ash Street Plan 823
#8 known as Ashland Avenue Plan 798 and 816
#9 known as Elm Street      Plan 823
#22 known as Maple Grove Plan 47 NKA 806
#23 known as Woodland Plan 47 NKA 806


Based on the title information and the fact of the municipal ownership, the City intends to undertake certain works on the laneways in order to ensure the laneways meet certain minimum standards and are properly signed. The adopted standard would ensure that these laneways be maintained in good repair, be free of obstructions and clear of snow to a defined standard.

Firelanes Ownership Notice to Residents

Public Information Meeting September 7, 2016 Presentation

Report 2016-167 City owned Firelanes Ownership and Maintenance