COVID-19 | Service Delivery Changes

The Building Division will continue to do its best to maintain services for both Permits and Inspections during COVID-19. If you require these services, please visit  our COVID-19 webpage for up-to-date information about changes to services and how we're maintaining building services, while keeping the health and safety of our staff and customers a top priority.


Planning & Development Department - Building Division

The Building Division is a section of the Planning & Development Department and is responsible for several specific functions.

Building Permits

The Building Division is responsible for the issuance of building permits in accordance with the Building Code Act and municipal regulations.  Upon submission of a building permit application, a plans examination is conducted on the submitted information to determine whether compliance with the Ontario Building Code and other applicable regulations have been achieved.

Building permit issuance will occur after the successful completion of the plans examination process.  The Building Clerk will contact the applicant listed on the application when the building permit is ready for pick-up.  Please note that:


Inspections are conducted by the Building Division at various stages throughout the construction of the approved project.  It is the applicant's responsibility to book these inspections in compliance with the City of Port Colborne Building By-law.  A copy of the written inspection report is issued at the conclusion of each inspection and will be left with the appropriate person on site or in a conspicuous location on site.

Other Duties

The Building Division is also responsible for:

  • Pool permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Building Inquires

You can obtain an application for a building or plumbing permit at City Hall - Second Floor or download the application below:

Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

It is strongly recommended that you speak to a member of the Building Division prior to making an application to ensure that all of the required information is submitted. 


Contact Information

Dan Aquilina
Director of Planning and Development
Ph. 905-835-2901 ext 203
Fax. 905-835-2939
Email Dan Aquilina

Todd Rogers
Chief Building Official
Ph. 905-835-2901 ext 201
Fax. 905-835-2939
Email Todd Rogers

Amy Dayboll
Building Administration Clerk

Ph. 905-835-2901 ext 229

Fax. 905-835-2939

Email Amy Dayboll